- we deliver the real beauty and uniqueness around Bali Island.. and beyond .. !
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see native sasak tribe, pottery, etc. like bali 30 years ago.

the biggest & the wildest lizard-komodo dragon, on earth
the 3 color lakes, the panorama, the cultures, traditions, etc.
the Borobudur & Prambanan temple, one of the 7 world wonders
the magnificent crater & view in East Java, best for sunrise
Central Kalimantan
the orang utan, proboscis monkey
Toraja Land
the joglo house and hanging grave, old traditions and cultures
Irian Jaya, The Papua
the mummy, the aborigin people, the traditions & adventure

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Discover the real beauty and uniqueness of Bali

Dear Travelers, is a legal web-based tour company on Bali Island which really means to offer the best services to all our clients as well as to support the local people around us in some cases.

Through years and years of experiences on tourism, our teamwork has heard and learned so many things from our previous clients about what they really like to take back home to share with their family and friends, and now we are definitely ready to share the best things we have and to accommodate most, if not all, of your different interests to make your Bali holiday absolutely enjoyable, unforgettable and full of fun.

We realize that much information about Bali as a "Paradise Island" has been spread out to every corner of the internet world because of its beautiful landscape and seascape, rich culture, unique tradition and interesting people as well as its amazing arts and crafts. On this website, we try to cover as much important information as possible with related pictures to give you a general idea about Bali before you come. Of course you will see and learn much more than what you can find on this web because we have committed to provide you with a professional and experienced local tour guide of any languages. And we also welcome those who just need to have any information about Bali or whatever we offer on this website with pleasure.

From our base in Bali, we also offer special packages to other parts of Indonesia mainly to Lombok Island, Komodo Island, Flores, Toraja, Central Kalimantan, Irian Jaya, Jogjakarta, and Bromo. We have been working with our local handling agencies for years and we feel that we still have to keep all those programs going because of the excellent comments from our previous clients.

On our website, we would also like to introduce you all kinds of famous fine arts and crafts like wood carving, silver beads and jewels, art painting, double ikat weaving, wood art works, furniture and many others, for those who wish to get souvenirs from Bali or even make a business. We will be available with pleasure to provide you some detail information you need about what you can find on our web or whatever your interests are. does not invite you to leave us because we were born to have a long life though slow but should be sure. That is why we commit to ensure everything with you will have to go well even better than you wish. Our teamwork will make sure that you will get what you pay.

On behalf of a better future, we thank you indeed for visiting our website. If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know. Finally, we all wish you a "Happy Thrills" and see you in Bali.

Best Regards,
Komang Wardiapa
and team work

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